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Meet Joos Poppe, co-owner of BioQrops and Poppe Landbouw Joos is 45 years old, married and loves spending time on the arable farm. Even when Joos is not at work, he still likes to keep busy: he enjoys running, board work at the Rotary Club, barbecuing and spending time with friends and family are also things Joos loves doing in his spare time.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

What spare time? Just kidding. I like to keep busy! I love running, 5 to 10 kilometres generally. I also love barbecuing and spending time with family and friends.

How early (or late) does your day start in the morning, and what is your morning routine?

My alarm goes off at 5.45 am, and I start the day with some breakfast. I usually arrive at work around 6.45 am, where I have a cup of coffee with the guys who work there. We then go through the day ahead, talk about the news, and around 7.00 am everyone gets to work.

Did you always know that you wanted to do this job?

Yes, that desire was always present. Before I took over the family business (Poppe Landbouw ), I was on the road for 9 years or so – as an adviser in arable farming.

What are your ambitions for BioQrops?

My greatest ambition for BioQrops is to become an internationally operating company. A company that distinguishes itself at something. With flexibility and quality.

What energises you in your work?

Seeing others thrive with us makes me happy. This is what gives me the most energy: working together with others, and creating a beautiful product together. In this way, we all own the success and I think that’s wonderful to see!

Joos, can you tell us about your biggest blunder at work?

Well, how long have you got? Where people work, mistakes are made. It’s just part of the process. In my case, it varies from parking a tractor in a ditch – I think that is an annual occurrence – to delivering a big bag of potatoes when the customer wanted onions.

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