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The best organic field vegetables

BioQrops grows, packages and trades organically grown vegetables and does so with the utmost care. We have all the knowledge, expertise and packaging options in-house to provide you with the perfect organic onions.

Yellow onions

Onions are a tasty ingredient in the kitchen and a versatile vegetable. Onions are the basis for many dishes the world over, because they are so versatile. You can use them for stewing, cooking, roasting and grilling. Onions can also be used raw: they add lots of flavour to a salad or hamburger, for example.

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organic yellow onion

Red onions

Red onions owe their name to their gorgeous red-purple skin and this colour is also reflected in the skin of the onions. Red onions are often used for their beautiful colour in salads and other cold dishes. Red onions are slightly more fragile than yellow ones because the skin is thinner.

Whether you need sowing onions or sets: you've come to the right place at BioQrops.
organic red onion


Shallots come in a variety of shapes (round and elongated) and also have a sweeter taste compared with yellow and red onions. A nice shallot should have a shiny, firm skin without too many loose skins.

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organic shallots

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BioQrops continues to expand its range of organic vegetables. Please contact us if you are after a product that is not on the list.


Ginger is the root tuber of the ginger plant. It tastes fresh, lemony, spicy and sharp. Due to its strong taste, it is generally not consumed in large quantities but mainly used to flavour dishes.

BioQrops supplies ginger in a variety of packaging, ranging from 3 to 13 kg. Would you like to see more packaging options?
Organic ginger


Carrots are a highly popular vegetable. Carrots are usually orange in colour, but they also come in other colours such as purple, yellow and red. Carrots come in all manner of varieties: small and large, with or without foliage. Carrots taste (slightly) sweet and can be used in many ways, making them a very versatile vegetable.

We can supply regular and coloured carrots in all kinds of different sizes, weights and packaging. If you are curious to find out what we can do for you, please contact us straight away, or visit
organic carrot


Garlic is a bulbous plant with light purple coloured garlic cloves. Garlic has a strong characteristic smell and taste, and is often used as a flavour enhancer in many dishes. This bulbous plant combines nicely with other spices and is, therefore, highly versatile addition to any dish.

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Organic garlic


Pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes, the best known of which is perhaps the orange round fruit. The flavour is reminiscent of carrots, but pumpkins are a little more starchy. Thanks to its fairly gentle flavour, pumpkin is a versatile vegetable that has many uses. A good pumpkin is undamaged, without any soft spots. BioQrops delivers high-quality organic pumpkins in a variety of sizes, weights and packaging, year-round.

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Organic pumpkin


BioQrops supplies table potatoes of excellent quality. The potato is a tuber that grows underground, on the potato plant. Potatoes are used as a base in many dishes; from fries to oven dishes. BioQrops cultivates, processes and stores table potatoes in-house, which means that we can supply table potatoes of guaranteed quality quickly and flexibly.

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Organic potatoes


Leeks are part of the same family as onions, chives and garlic. Leeks are a stem vegetable, which means that they are an offshoot of the root of a plant. Quality leeks have a straight shaft with grey to dark green leaves. Leeks should be firm to the touch, and fresh in colour.

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Organic leek
BioQrops Sales manager Rudie Ensing

Rudie Ensing

“BioQrops has mastered the chain from seed to organic meal”.

organic potatoes

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