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Sustainable cultivation starts with the soil. Organic field vegetables are nourished by all manner of different fungi, bacteria and insects. These small organisms allow the vegetables to absorb their nourishment from the soil, manure and compost.

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BioQrops Sales manager Rudie Ensing


“Sustainable cultivation is a sustainable solution”

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Onion packaging

Yellow onions sustainable packaging
Red onions sustainable packaging
Shallots sustainable packaging

Potatoes, Carrots and Pumpkin Packaging

Potatoes sustainable packaging
Carrots sustainable packaging
Pumpkins sustainable packaging


With the experience of the BioQrops team in the organic vegetable market and the network that has been built up in collaboration, there is extensive and up-to-date market knowledge available.

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BioQrops Marketing manager Gerdien Poppe

Gerdien Poppe

“The growth potential of organic crops is found outside the Benelux, and having sales channels and delivering store-ready products is becoming increasingly important. And that is the power of BioQrops”.

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