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Joos Poppe

Joos grew up on an organic farm. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and many years of experience in agriculture, he has established a strong business that takes all aspects into account – from the seed in the soil to packaging and delivery.

For me, the main thing is to go to work with a spring in my step every day. With BioQrops, I am taking on a new challenge and combining my passion for cultivation and entrepreneurship”.

Who are we?

BioQrops is founded by Poppe Landbouw and Waterman Onions. It’s all in a name: BioQrops incorporates the narrative that Joos and Rudie want to share: organic B for ‘bio’ and Qrops for crops with the capital Q for excellent Quality.

BioQrops is a leading reliable trading partner for purchasing and marketing of organic agricultural products, offering continuity and quality to customers and suppliers alike. 

In addition to buying and selling organic field products, we also grow our own products and pack our customers’ preferred sizes and weights on their sites.

About BioQrops - Rudie Ensing and Joos Poppe
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Rudie Ensing

Procurement and sales

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Meet the team

Rudie Ensing

Together with Joos, Rudie is responsible for buying and selling organic crops at BioQrops. With 7+ years of experience in the organic market under his belt, Rudie believes that cooperation between customers and suppliers is key to delivering the best products to consumers.

“People in the organic market are pioneers in sustainable technologies, and this market is always developing at a great pace. I enjoy being a part of that”.

“Finding new organic markets, establishing lasting relationships with others and working with enthusiastic people is what I love about my job”.

Why do customers
choose BioQrops?

BioQrops has in-house cultivation, storage and packaging facilities. This makes us flexible, and able to deliver organic field vegetables year-round.

Meet the team

Gerdien Poppe

Having worked as a product manager at Agrico for many years, Gerdien now wants to use her knowledge and expertise to work on organic crops at BioQrops. If you want to find out more about organic farming, breeds and cultivation, look no further than Gerdien. She will also be involved in marketing. 

Maintaining good relations with growers in the Netherlands and scouting for new markets abroad is what motivates Gerdien

“Growers in the Netherlands depend on exports abroad and need to focus on new sales channels. BioQrops is the perfect link in this process”.

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