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BioQrops supplies fully organic certified products from cultivation to consumer use. BioQrops holds Skal and GLOBALG.A.P. certificates, but you can also contact us if you want a specific certificate. BioQrops is also proud that these certificates guarantee the quality and safety of our entire process – from cultivation to the end product.

Interested in a specific certificate?

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BioQrops Sales manager Rudie Ensing

Rudie Ensing

“Certification is the raison d ‘être of our business. Organic vegetables and certifications go hand in hand”.

Certificates from BioQrops

Traceable to the source

BioQrops offers full traceability for all the field vegetables it sells. From the seed in the soil to the end product.

Organic yellow onions

Skal organic certificate

“Stichting Skal is the independent organisation in the Netherlands that allows, through registration, certification, supervision and control, companies to carry the legally protected term ‘organic’. BioQrops’ Skal number is 111660 NL-BIO-01.
Organic farming

Global G.A.P.

GLOBAL G.A.P. is a quality and safety certificate related to food safety, the environment, health and welfare. The certificate is grower-dependent and is a means of demonstrating that food safety is guaranteed in the production process.

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Other certificates

There are many different types of certificates related to agriculture, packaging and sorting. That is why we help our growers with their options in the field of certification. If you are looking for products with a different certificate, such as Milieukeur, Field to Fork and Qualität & Sicherheit, please contact us to find out more about the possibilities.

organic potatoes

The best vegetables. Always organic.

BioQrops continues to expand its range of organic vegetables. View all products here.
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