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Who are BioQrops?

BioQrops is a leading trading partner with extensive knowledge and expertise on cultivation, preservation, processing, packaging and logistics for organic agricultural products.

Customers know where to find us because we can talk about opportunities and possibilities on an equal level. The common goal is to supply the best organic products.

Who are we?

Poppe Landbouw and Waterman Onions have joined forces to found BioQrops together. The BioQrops team is at the heart of the industry and has a flexible mindset.

BioQrops Marketing manager Gerdien Poppe

Gerdien Poppe

“The potential for growth of organic crops lies outside the Benelux, and having sales channels and delivering store-ready products is becoming increasingly important. And that is the power of BioQrops”.

BioQrops Sales manager Joos Poppe

Joos Poppe

“Our knowledge of cultivation, storage and packaging and sustainable relationships with customers and suppliers make BioQrops a reliable partner in the world of stable and high-quality organic products.”

BioQrops Sales manager Rudie Ensing

Rudie Ensing

“In an organic market that is always in motion, we like to move along with customers, consumers and suppliers alike. Always with the intention of arriving at the best product at the best price, together”.

What are we good at?

Delivering organic products that are ready for use. From a seed in the ground to a packaged product for supermarkets or wholesalers:

BioQrops has in-house cultivation, storage and packaging options. These in-house facilities allow us to switch gears quickly and deliver year-round.

Rather than being just another link in the organic chain, BioQrops wants to engage in long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and be a sparring partner based on equality.

Bio carrotes
Flower borders with Faselia against thrips - Organic crop protection


BioQrops is afully organic, certified company that primarily focuses on opportunities and possibilities.

How can we grow and process vegetables even more sustainably?
How can we make our packaging even more environmentally friendly?

We are constantly looking to innovate and improve our quality

Hectares of
of onions


BioQrops is proud to be certified in organic production.

“Committed as we are to taking the best possible care of our planet and our people, we do everything in our power to ensure that our processes are open and transparent”.

BioQrops not only has the Skal organic quality mark but is also GLOBAL G.A.P. and BRC certified.

Certified organic - from cultivation to transport
BioQrops_Joos Poppe_Rudie Ensing - Organic news from BioQrops

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